Randi James is a site dedicated to domestic violence victims, survivors, support persons and advocates. Its purpose is to create a sense of community and to acquire a unique understanding for those in the journey.

As this is my personal blog, I will not commit to censorship. My writing displays the realism of the continuous tribulations faced by those dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault. The information contained within may be offensive.

If you would like to contribute information, writing, images, links, banner exchanges, etc., please contact me via post-comment, e-mail, or guestbook. Anonymity will be respected if it allows you to break the silence.

Articles submitted do not have to be scholarly/academic in nature. Opinion-based articles reflect the views of the individual contributer/writer and not necessarily the view of Randi James. We are here to support each other.

This site will not be used to harass or threaten victims/survivors. Our voices need to be heard, even if it is in direct conflict with societal views. Occasionally, dissenting views may be published as a means to correct the current propaganda that continues to thrive in the popular view. I allow this so that we can arm ourself with the misinformation and combat it with appropriate literature. However, please note that I reserve the right to respond in an inflammatory manner depending upon my current availability of emotional resources. I am a survivor in the struggle.

If you are new to all of this...perhaps you have just gotten jumped into the family court system...this will all seem like a you are in the twilight zone. Everyone will try to convince you that you are psycho and that there is no conspiracy and that you are exaggerating, better yet, lying. Judges do not have to rule by the law, attorneys do not have to utilize the law, psychologists evade the laws, and together they formulate/re-write laws. You are up against money and perversion...corruption at its best. Keep reading and stay tuned to the other blogs to which I have linked. I pray that one day you, too, will have courage.

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