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I am committed to talking about domestic violence and sexual assault until people start giving a damn and doing something about it. I envision that other women will come forward and join me on this blog, or, better yet, create their own blogs.

I am creating tools that can be used throughout the internet. If you are interested in using one, or more, send me a message, and I will give you the link to copy onto your site.

I will update this as I am creatively inspired.



Okay bloggers, my vision is to create a network of bloggers that will identify their site as domestic violence and/or sexual assault blogs by using an image below (or maybe even just supporters that can refer seekers back to here). There are many silent victims and survivors online and they can benefit from the information that we are providing from our own unique perspectives.

2 advocates for peace:

Barbara said...

Seen this one Randi?


Lynn said...

Here's a link to the recent story about the father and 4's a more comprehensive story than the link you have.

Notice that the first woman's report was met with skepticism and that she was considered to be lying? I wonder if she had not been strong enough and walked away after the first rebuke, if they would have followed up. I'd say that credit would go to her counsellor for giving her strength to follow through with this story of complete and utter tragedy for those poor children. What if the sister had not backed up the story.

Notice how much the news report goes to great lengths to talk about how "respected" and "friendly" these men are reported to be. Ughhhh, it makes my skin crawl.

It is a sad reflection in our society that incidences such as this go unreported for many years, and even today, when they do come forward, it's seems that only a miracle has the victims believed.

I hope these men get what they deserve!