Florida is Steadily Creating Victim Laws

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Florida is on fire as far as passing bills for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The Barwick Ruschak Act was signed by Governor Crist this month. This act creates a provision for victims of dating violence to be protected by law--because under the term, "domestic violence" per Florida guidelines, non-married persons were excluded.

I really hate to criticize anything that assists victims, but do we need more laws, or tougher enforcement? Hell, we need ENFORCEMENT PERIOD!

Under our current system, there are protections for victims of crimes, be it domestic violence, etc. However, to get the police, the judges, the lawyers, and the damn D.A. to act it is another topic in itself.

Why do we have to wait for people to die, women to die, children to die, before we do something about it? We are a reactive society. And Florida is king.

I wish I could return home.

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