Forming Relationships

11 pm.  Another long National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) conference day full of a variety of events, to include, the main attraction:  Legislative Action Day. I'm exhausted but I feel accomplished. I'm going to reserve a full review of the conference until a later date ("reserve"....haha...legal speak!).

I'm sad as the final conference day approaches. I have met women and men from across the country, and outside of this country. I have spoken up and told a few about my own personal struggles. I have identified with women who have, or have had, the same exact struggles, and similar stories, or not so similar, too. I have formed relationships (or at least exchanged names, business cards, well, they gave me theirs!) with people from my favorite places: Georgia, Florida, Hawaii...Even the kids have grown fond of the other children and the NCADV staff and volunteers.

I know that the bonds don't ever have to be broken as long as there is at least e-mail, and maybe as long as I have this site up and running. But it feels hard to say goodbye nevertheless. This is probably the most amount of people that I have met, even when compared to the span of my college years. It is hard to meet and converse when you are shy, but more so when you think you are the only person in the world with these problems, or when you feel, no, when you know that people are judging you.

I felt no such discomfort here. I never felt out of place. Never alone. Never felt the need to explain myself or my actions. I never had to repeat my story to the same person, or convince them of anything...I didn't have to sell myself or my ideas...they were taken, I was taken...and accepted, as was everyone there.

This is the biggest gift I could have received during this challenging part of my life. Thank you to everyone and to God, if ever there were a God, for putting me in the right place at the right time.

Side note, I don't think I can possibly wake up early again to be there at 8 tomorrow--but I hate to miss anything.  We'll see!

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