State Comforts Sexual Assault Victims

In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist signed a bill to grant sexual assault victims three days of leave from work, and name exemption from public records to public workers. (Click title for link to article.)

Does this mean that non public workers' names will NOT be shielded? And three days, that is a good beginning. However, in three days involving a rape, the drama hasn't even completely unfolded.

I need to talk to this man! Thank you, although I have to see more of the specifics.

(And to the ignorant "joetampa" who commented on the article: No, it isn't the state's "constituted duty" to "comfort" anyone; however, I believe it is a constituted right to be protected. And since everyone cannot be protected because of our divine free will, certain things have to be put in place in order to assist those who are victims, from being further victimized. You could think of it this way, dear joe, how about, instead of getting those three days of leave, she is fired, or quits her job to go on welfare, so she can be supported by your tax dollars. Is that better? Also, the sexism impartation is, equally sexist. Where do women get better law enforcement? Law enforcement is often the most sexist dominion of them all.)

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