They are All Men...

Every time I receive something in the mail from my attorney, my heart rate accelerates and I feel nauseated. I am often afraid to check my e-mail for fear of another inflammatory response from him. I never thought I would feel this way about someone who is supposed to be representing my interests. But he is man.

The judge is a man, my ex is supposed to be a man, the police are men...I feel like they are all attacking me. The violence never ends.

"I have ne'er been in a chamber with a lawyer when I did not wish either to scream with desperation or else fall into the deepest of sleeps, e'en when the matter concern'd my own future most profoundly."--Erica Jong

2 advocates for peace:

Yovia Network said...

I may be wrong and correct me if I am but I thought that there were a few, not enough, but still a precious few women who became empowered and are now lawyers. One of the best things you can do though is getting a lawyer that is the same sex as the person you are accusing.

Rj said...

Read my post "...And Some of Them Are Women"...LOL!

I thought the same thing, my ex is a man and my attorney is a man--so I thought that was a good strategy, but sometimes, no, often times, it seems that he is NOT on my side. He is very insensitive, among many other questionable characteristics.

There were very few women in the area, and none of them could take my case (at that time).