Where Do I Go From Here?

I mean the title in every direction in which it can applied!  But more so, now that the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) conference has ended, now what?

I have learned about custody issues, the legal system, the father's rights groups, youth resisting violence, battered women and the history of the movement, to name a few...but I can't help but to leave this conference feeling like I don't have the answers I was seeking. Or, more like, there aren't any answers and no jointed effort to make a change at a specified time. I'm not disillusioned by the lack of cohesion, though.  This is expected to some degree when we are talking about a social revolution.

If I could volunteer to be everything to everyone, in every organization, I would...many of us would. This is impractical. I will do my part although I am unsure of how much one woman can accomplish. I suppose that is irrelevant, and I will answer it with part of my essay I wrote to attend this conference:

Building Grassroots Leadership for Social Justice means that we are creating a way for the common people to be activists in the fight against issues that threaten our stability. This must be done because people think they have to wait for a leader to emerge in order for a movement to begin…like waiting for the next Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…..when, in essence, a movement is created by any random individual that has passion and a commitment to ensuring justice. We need to mobilize the people in our communities and provide a framework for understanding leadership and how we can affect change.

We need a movement.

A special thanks to those who made this possible for me: my best friend and fellow survivor who could not attend the conference, the NCADV Conference Coordinator, and the NCADV YAP Program Coordinator. I absolutely would not have been able to make it there without them.

Stay tuned for post-conference reflections and review.

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