Chicago Cop Shoots Himself and His Children

I woke up this morning to the news that a cop had killed himself, one of his children, and the other child was critically injured. Before the news clip proceeded any further, I had already formed my conclusion that it was domestic violence, or custody related. I wish I were wrong.

According to reports, the father had been divorced from his wife for 3 years...and there were custody issues (this statement was made by the cops' sister--I will reserve my comments on that, too). According to the news article, the parents had 50/50 custody.

Now, I can only speculate, and therefore I could be totally wrong, so I'll reserve some of my comments for now. But why is it that men are so brutal when things fail, or do not go their way? Gun violence is the ultimate tragedy. What child deserves to be shot?

And their ages just ring so dear to my heart...everyone is so young, parents and children. I pains my heart when people think this is their only option, especially when they drag their children with them.

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