Criminalizing Women

As I think about the actions of women in America, I come to wonder what this patriarchal society thinks our role is.

If we provide the best nourishment for our babies in breastfeeding, using what nature has given to us, which in turn cuts back on waste products that are harmful to the environment, eliminates a multibillion dollar industry of formula and government subsidies on the product, aka WIC, we are seen as barbaric, indecently exposed, and ill-equipped for the working world.

If we want to choose not to have children, and prevent, or terminate our pregnancies, for whatever various personal economical and psychological reasons that will save our country the time and expense of raising our unwanted children for us, we are seen as murders, immoral, and selfish heathens.

God save the rape, incest, and mentally-ill victims.

If we finally get the courage and strength for which we have been praying, and leave our abusers, providing a safe and productive life for ourselves and our children, correcting the damage that has been done to helpless members of society (children) and restoring the peace the legal system has failed to grant us, we are seen as alienating, neglectful, spiteful, money-hungry, adulterous, bitter, retaliative bitches.

When can I be a mother?

Where can I be a woman?

“We are about to make motherhood a crime. No civilized government in the history of mankind has ever done this.”--Adrian G. Duplantier

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