Safe Havens

Now that men cannot be discriminated against in receiving services for domestic violence victims, shelters all around the country are going to start popping up! Men will now have domestic violence and sexual assault centers spreading like wild fires around the U.S. because women have been fervently booting men folk out of our feminist worshipping temples for many decades now.  You know how we love to see men get abused.

Now the men can shop around for their services...will they go to a majority female, or male center?  I imagine that they will pick a male-run place because you know how men love to console each other while giving warm hugs, talking about their emotions and sipping vanilla chai over re-runs of Roseanne.

How can us women-folk stop this nonsense?  How can we overthrow men victims' service centers?  We must come up with a new plan. The battle is not over and we have not lost!

1 advocates for peace:

A Mother's Heart said...

Actually, I have asked for help from a fatherhood initiative group that received a federal grant to help fathers with custody and child support issues. They said they will help me, so stay tuned...hopefully they carry through.