In the Beginning, It Was Adam Walsh

My mother introduced me to the world of fear with the story of Adam Walsh. I was told that he was a little boy (age 6) in a department store (Sears) with his mother. He wandered away from her to the toy section, and she never saw him alive again. They found his head some time later.

My mom basically threatened me with this story my during my entire childhood. Every time we went to the mall, in a department store, I would think of Adam. Any time I separated from my mom, if only for a moment, I would think of Adam. I would walk around the clothes racks, playing inside of them, thinking of Adam. I would think of browsing the toys while thinking of Adam.

Where many parents tell tall tales, my mother used the truth (you see, right here I have to interrupt this fucking story to say that this was not emotional abuse, or child abuse.  She told me what was real.  Yes, it frightened the shit out of me.  Yes, I was angry.  But she prepared me for reality. Now, had she did the same thing, and the perpetrator was my father, she would be a parental alienator.  Get a fucking clue people!).  I not once thought of it as a lie because I actually watched the Adam story on t.v. I watched the t.v. movie passionately and repeatedly, almost like an obsession. I didn't understand why people kidnapped other people's kids. I didn't know why people murdered.

This was also my introduction to the White Men Are Dangerous theme. It made sense, they stole [mostly] White children...they chopped off their heads...they were serial killers...rapists...

When I grew up I learned that the infamous John Walsh was Adam's father. I wanted to cry for him but I admired his persistence in fighting for children nationwide.

Today, they will officially close Adam's case. Based on the article, it seems that the murderer was a sexual offender. This also took place in my great state of Florida. I never knew that. This makes it even worse for me. I have always hated Sears.

Remind me about what is good about men.

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