Who Are the Abusers, the Abused?

I found a great image courtesy of Crossing the Line. I call it great because I seem to find myself repeatedly embroiled in the "argument" about who the perps of domestic violence are.

The men (and some women, aka second wives' club) with whom I have communicated want it known that men and women are equal perps. However, even if this is that case, men and women are NOT equal victims of domestic violence when you are talking about DEATH and INJURY. That's the part they don't want to talk about. In fact, I have seen them acknowledge this, however the seriousness if the consequences of d.v. are of little importance in their argument. They only stress that men and women are equally capable of domestic violence. Capable.  Capable.  Capable.

Anyway, check out Hawaii's stats:

I met a great group of Hawaiians at the NCADV conference. They were very warm, friendly, and welcoming.

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