‘Crazy’ soldier sought in rape of two women

Notice the title: "Crazy." That's a good way to try to distinguish him from other "non-crazy" military men. This story is from January and I can't seem to find an update on whether they have found him. Then again, we should be thankful this even made it to the news being that the military loves to cover things up. But this one is "crazy" so we should be safe from the others.

Authorities are asking the public’s help in finding a Fort Lewis Stryker brigade soldier accused of kidnapping and torturing two women this month, and then trying to hide the crimes by setting fire to his Parkland home after the second victim escaped.

Staff Sgt. Nathan Ryan Smith, a 29-year-old Iraq veteran, has been charged in a warrant with two counts of first-degree kidnapping, four courts of first-degree rape, attempted rape, felony harassment, destroying evidence and first-degree arson.

The Army considers Smith absent without leave since Monday, Fort Lewis spokesman Joe Kubistek said. A cavalry scout with the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, he had been at the post since July 2006....

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