Denouncing Parental Alienation

From Battered Moms Lose Children to Abusers:

There needs to be a denouncement by Congress of these pro-pedophilia theories of parental alienation developed by Richard Gardner. Previously, the APA had published research called the Rind Study that Congress filed a public resolution denouncing for its pro-pedophilia ideology. The same needs to happen with this pseudo-scientific theory of parental alienation. There has been admission by these so-called experts that Gardner’s theory has been ruled out, and repeated discrediting of his ideas. Yet pushers of this philosophy still go into courtrooms and testify against women and children who have been victimized by domestic abuse.

The results of a mother being accused of being an “alienator” are to give visitation and/or custody to the abuser. The mother and child suffer for years while the child is under 18. Some children who are removed from their protective parent then become so bonded and enmeshed with the abuser that they don’t ever want to see the mother. But yet when fathers force children to recant abuse (isn’t this witness tampering?…and coaching?…), badmouth the mom continuously, make false accusations of child abuse against the mother, and file endless frivolous motions in court, somehow these same so-called parental alienation experts do nothing and don’t seem to see how this behavior by the father is nothing but a big setup. The abusive fathers who claim alienation have no other goal than to continue the abuse through the court system by terrorizing the mother and taking her children away. Shared parenting certainly is not a goal, unless they want to continue to make the mother be under their control. Also, shared parenting is NEVER appropriate when there has been domestic abuse, the abuser will just continue the abuse anyway possible, just changing how they do it becoming sneakier. These malevolent abusers are the ones claiming parental alienation in these family court cases that go on until children turn 18. Also, in this scenario that I just described, it is a father with more finances than the mother that inflicts this “legal abuse” on the mother and child(ren).

The pushers of parental alienation theories now try to recruit women and children to their side to legitimize the theory. These people don’t seem to realize that this is a pro-pedophilia theory used to justify a continuing relationship with an abuser. The unsuspecting supporters have different ideas of the theory. Since parental alienation is not scientific and more of a philosophical idea, it is being interpreted in all manners and sorts. This theory is supported by people who are being deprived of relationships for less than valid reasons. Because of so very many things being called alienation or being attributed to alienation, any thing a child does that a non-custodial parent deems unacceptable can be called alienation, and any demand by a non-custodial parent that is not met by the custodial parent can also be called alienation. It’s ridiculous! A custodial parent can lose custody and/or have to defend endless baseless accusations of alienation just for having their child stay with them. Look at Alec Baldwin who has made Kim Basinger’s life a living hell. He is obviously a highly controlling, extremely demanding guy who will never be satisfied with the amount of time he has with his child. Because of his problems, he mistreats both his ex-wife and his child with his ongoing mother bashing and blaming. And his voicemail to his daughter was just typifying what it must be like to deal with this guy. I feel very sorry for Kim and Ireland. I am sure it will be a big relief when she is over 18.

And to you people who claim to be alienated, in other words kept from your child WITHOUT a valid reason, please realize that this is a different concept than the legal defense tactic used by abusers, but it is being called the same thing to help legitimize the concept. What about the moms who have their children taken away from them because a so-called “expert” testifies against them? Then the child is taken prisoner, legally kidnapped, and has no choice but to accommodate the demands of the abuser. They will often defend and justify the abusers actions after being forced to be with them. It’s a form of traumatic bonding, some call it Stockholm Syndrome. I personally think the overuse and misuse of psych labels and improbable theories is what is allowing these visitation/custody scandal family court cases to occur. Without unethical psychologists to do this parental alienation accusing in the same way that women were accused of witchcraft, these nightmare scenarios would go on a lot less often. To be accused of “covert” alienation, even someone complying with every order in every way can be accused of alienation and repeatedly be subjected to forced therapies and evaluations that are just intentional efforts to abuse and harass the mother and child, and to also inflict financial harm by forcing time off work and payment for legal fees and ridiculous psychological treatments forced under duress. These PAS or PA accusing psychologists will take any behavior of the child’s and blame it on the mother. It needs to be exposed for the fraud that it is.

What needs to happen is for the word and accusation of alienation to be disallowed. I believe this does happen in some cases, and then these unethical psychologist just make up different names for the same concept. The whole parental alienation concept when it is used in court against battered moms and abused kids is to suggest that the mom and the children are lying. It is a terrible thing when women and children experience abuse only to be re-victimized by unethical psychologists. The children who are re-victimized in this manner will grow up never trusting, because of what they are being put through.

For ideas on exposing this Parental Alienation Fraud, please check out:
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Contact the media, federal, state, and local legislators if you are a battered mom being victimized by this fraud. Also, get informed and learn how to defend yourself and your child against these FALSE ALLEGATIONS OF FICTITIOUS SYNDROMES.

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