I Don't Want Child Support

Dear Reader,

I don't want the shit (child support) either. In fact, many of us mothers, at this point, would gladly retract the child support in exchange for the ability to raise our children without interference from our abusers. Legal auction.

On the other hand, child support is for the child. It really isn't even yours and giving it up could be considered a disservice to the child. Let's speculate that you are saying that you don't even need it--could not your child's life be enhanced, in some way, by the extra dollars?

But if you are living in poverty, as many single mothers are for various reasons, and you enlist the support of your local government by applying for TANF or Medicaid, the Child Support Division will GET YOU (LMAO) so that they can collect from the absent parent. The government got tired of supporting single mothers so they figured out (many years ago) that they should get reimbursed by the absent parent....

which was when the absent parent decided "he" wanted shared/50-50/equal parenting/custody (in recent years).

One day, I plan on taking this child support money and wiping our asses with it, but my better half tells me I will take in and store it away, and give it to my child upon college.

My advice to you, if you can do without, live in abject poverty and fuck child support. In fact, write FATHER UNKNOWN on the birth certificate. You may feel like you're losing, and it isn't right, but everyone will win.

Consider your situation, I'm writing this half jokingly, but 100% seriously.

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Liberty said...

Well, newsvine community removed the article on child support, so either it was too close to the mark, or perhaps too expressive.

Guess what Dept. the "Access Visitation" grants come under?
Promoting Responsible Fatherhood" home page -- on the largest US Federal Agency.

On this page you can learn how our government is promoting "Economic Stability" -- supposedly for fathers; in actuality for court-associated professionals that get a kick(Back) from helping tweak the legal process (which should've been the venue -- i.e., FACTS & LAW anyone? 3 branches of government, balance of power mythology, etc.)

to get those kids back in front of those battering, abusing, indigent, or simply absent by choice Dads. Sometimes by HER choice (see below for my case).

This behavioral modification of the courts is not quite likely to produce much behavioral change in the fathers, who are rewarded for incarceration, lack of initiative, or claiming that the wife made up those abuses, or that they're broke, or whatever the case may be.

What parenting class is going to teach a Dad to love a kid like a Mom can, when he just got rewarded financially for doing nothing but being poor, in prison, having a previous criminal record, having knocked up and left a woman, sometimes a young one, or otherwise have not chosen one who actually wanted to stay with him to start with?

And etc. It's all there. Skip my comment and poke around that link -- you'll learn a lot!

Re: Forget (substitute other F word) child support, live in abject poverty.

Dealing with local child support agency chronic dysfunction and dishonesty WAS a threat to my health and a drain on my energy.

Once I understood that THIS AGENCY had made a SECRET DEAL (sweetened with federal monies, bolsted up by millions of $$ of MORE federal monies stating that Dads are Good and MOms are Bad, this season - and the season appears to be well over a decade long) -- then I realized why they HAD to fail (my daughters and me) or lose their state / federal funding.

They have now succeeded (in assisting with a custody switch) leaving me, people associate with us, and both my daughters poorer than they were before. Dad, having been given special treatment after the RO, even as he demanded it within our marriage, appears no more motivated to work than he was at any time before. As before, he was expert at getting his growing daughters to help him around the house -- and now farmed THEM out to work, in low-paying, female-dominated positions only, just what I as their working professional (formerly, at least) Mom would have "ordered" for them.

The Federal govt gets to look good -- it reduced its child support arreasr situation in THIS state by simply lowering the amount due by solving the govt-declared problem of "father-absence" in lieu of the woman-experienced problem of violence against them. Then, our Gov. is going to reduce welfare payments, after having stood by while more women & children (or without children, under this program) go homeless, or closer to it than they were before they believed the label on the door.

Thank you for telling the truth on that, and post that newsvine censored article if you have it, puh-leez.

Rj said...


Anonymous said...

You are a buunch of idiots. Domestic Relations doesn't give two shits about kids, or about the single moms. If any of you had any intelligence whatsoever, you would know about Section IV-D of the Social security Act of 1975. Domestic Relations gets a dollar for dollar match, taken out of the Social Security Fund, for every child support dollar they collect. Child Support is not about kids. It's not about moms. It's about MONEY. Call it what it is. It is County Government EXTORTION - accellerated by greedy single mothers. Fathers who cannot keep up are not "in contempt." "In contempt" is an excuse to put a man in DEBTOR'S PRISON. Call it what it is. Stop kidding yourselves, get your heads out of your asses, and for the love of Christ, educate yourselves!

Rj said...

Your intelligence level is also questionable if we were to take grammar and spelling into consideration.

We know about IV-D. But thanks anyway. I guess if single mothers are greedy then those damn hungry ass bastard kids moochers.

"Christ," "asses," and "shit" isn't really sitting well right about now. Hope you feel better.