Tie Exists Between Break-Ups, Violence?

Ahhh, Oklahoma! Last week I did a post on Oklahoma HB 1739 (please read it)--a very excellent bill, needed in EVERY state. It always takes a death, in this case, many deaths, to get something accomplished. Please get the same or similar bill passed in your state. These deaths are all over.

This is news from January.

Experts on domestic violence say it's common for relationships to not turn violent until one person tries to leave.

They hope the deaths on Monday of 25-year-old Summer Rust and her four children will cause more people to focus on the issue of domestic violence, which authorities say results in 60 homicides each year in Oklahoma.

Prosecutors have charged Rust's ex-boyfriend, 25-year-old Joshua Durcho, with five counts of murder. He had lived with Rust and her children before their deaths...

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