Background on How Judges Set Up A Secret System to Rig Cases for Fathers

From the National Alliance for Family Court Justice (emphasis mine):

Fathers Rights activists have made themselves well known. You can find some of their most influential group sites linked below. While they have been successful as promoting themselves as underdogs fighting for equal parenting in a society and legal system which is rigged for women, a closer look at their history, their leaders, their literature and web sites show a very different story. Not only are they directly affiliated with a secretive group of judges who handle much of the case litigation, but they are also affiliated with published incest promoters - Gardner, Underwager and Farrell.

Many of them, especially their leaders, are very bad-dads who are out to beat the system and destroy the mother of their children because her legal rights and the child's natural bond with their own mother, threaten his need to have the advantage, and especially to evade financial obligations and abuse charges. While their public chatter is about being disenfranchised by a system which places little to no value on the father-child relationship, their private activities and discussion show that they have been very successful in changing state custody laws in their to their advantage, and changing custody and support orders in their own cases to their advantage. Many of these purported underdogs have sole custody and receive child support. The sociopathy of this movement has had a very profound affect not only at its victims, but also on government policy and programs which more and more is tilting toward rejecting family violence and abuse complaints as vengeful acts by "bitter" ex-spouse, and eliminating post-divorce financial obligations for women.

One important factor which the fathers rights leaders never mention is that their leading group, CRC [Children's Rights Council], was set up many years ago by people who were officials of secretive judicial organizations - AFCC: Association of Family & Conciliation Courts -- established in Los Angeles in 1982 by L.A. judges and a few others, including a man named Meyer Elkin, (now deceased) who was a prison sex offender psychologist (NAFCJ note: a profession notorious for being sympathetic to sex offenders). But Meyer Elkin is not the only AFCC official who was also a founding official of the leading fathers rights group - CRC. Joan Kelly, of Marin County CA, does research and trains court professionals, is also a AFCC and CRC founding official. Several other AFCC officials or leaders are also closely associated with the fathers right groups. This and other factors show that the fathers rights movement was a creation of a ring judges who dominate the family court system and public policy in many states. These judges are not only hearing a large percentage of domestic litigation, they are also writing the state laws covering custody, divorce and child support. In addition they influence HHS-ACF agency which controls most of the grant funds going to the state level agencies and courts. Their people are getting the grants and using for the fathers rights more here

I know you're thinking, this shit can't be real. Believe me, it is. Just do the research. You could start with David Gray Ross.

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