I Found Some Real Men, and They Are Firefighters

While surfing the net for updates on this Dante A. Paire murder-suicide that I blogged about already, I came across a group of folks also discussing the issue. See the thread on

If only I could log in or get in on the conversation...Sometimes, I am so shocked to find men who actually aren't blaming murder on women--because most times, father's supremacy supporters will find some way to make the perp escape the consequences of his actions.

Will the real men please stand up? I am asking you to come here and tell it like it is...

Thank you.

4 advocates for peace:

Anonymous said...

hey got here!
tothewire says i am not a real man because i am not a fire fighter...hehehe
this is lawman2 by the way

Anonymous said...

a real man doesn't duck on anything. (except maybe a fight with his wife...)
no really,a real man doesn't make dad used to say "a real man can take a punch,and return it with the knockout blow." now i don't agree totally with that statement,but my dad was and is a fighter.
i can take a punch,been known to give a knockout blow,but by far the hardest thing i have ever done is have to appologies when i screw up.

Rj said...

well then, the blogosphere is filled with un-real men...from rape-deniers/false rape theorists, to male supremacy supporters. I just happened to come across a select few...and they happened to be firefighters...LOL

Anonymous said...

apologize even!damn i get carried away!