Melinda Stratton and other Mothers on the Run

I fully support the following from Anonymums:

Press Release

RE: Melinda Stratton and other Mothers on the Run

As a spokesperson for Anonymums, we understand that the Family Court does not investigate child protection matters and during the proceedings if there is no history of child protection involvement, there are no investigations that are likely to ensure the protection of children involved in proceedings. The matters of Arthur Freeman, Robert Farquharson and Jayson Dalton are just a handful of reported cases that reveals the amounting negligence that the Family Court has in regards to children’s rights. The laws particularly the Shared parenting bill based on United States joint custody laws, prioritize parent’s rights above children’s rights. Children don’t have a say and are often punished by the court if they speak out against child abuse often portrayed as “alienated children”. We are aware that these measures are in violation of human rights and until the court adequately provides protection for child abuse victims and domestic violence victims, we fully support the plights of protective mothers who are often alone in gathering the evidence and ignored by the court. We believe Melinda Stratton based on her extraordinary lengths, the statements that support Melinda’s mothering concerns towards her child that despite the law that is against a higher law(human rights), she is doing the best she can for the child. We believe that the system is incorrect and abusive towards both the mother and the child by barring her from vital services to provide for the child(Article 14) and hunting her down like an animal. It is the system itself that is at fault for failing to protect children and women in the first place regardless of the institution or reason. There are more protections for murderers and pedophiles than there are for these children. We recommend that instead of Melinda coming forward to be jailed and barred from seeing her child that the system endeavors to investigate further into these allegations instead of laying the sole burden upon the mother. We recommend that the order that seeks her out be withdrawn until the system can adequately provide proper protections for Children. Until this takes place, we support the mother in obtaining alternative safety measures.

3 advocates for peace:

Anonymous said...

Melinda Stratton and all other abusive mothers (and fathers) should spend serious time in prison.

Kidnapping children is child abuse. Melinda Stratton is a child abuser.

Rj said...

You're attempting to reframe the definition of child abuse in the same way as the supporters of the pro-pedophilic theory of parental alienation. Sorry, that ain't gonna work here.

Mothers cannot kidnap children that they have given birth to. Melinda Stratton prevented the father from knowing the child's (and her) whereabouts. There is a difference. And why would she, or any mother, do this? So easy to call someone crazy...that way you don't have to do a real investigation.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Thompson is a little boy that disclosed abuse inflicted on him by his father. Melinda saw no other avenue to protect her child because in Australia children are ordered to live with fathers. Melinda was one of the lucky ones to get out of this country because other fathers financially abuse the mothers and children making living arrangements difficult; paying little or no support until eventually mothers are left to live on the streets or charity. Employment is made difficult because of unfavourable court orders and trauma resulting from having to fight a non-protective system and the abuser. It finally came out into the media (September 2010)that the abuse inflicted on Andrew was sexual. Not surprisingly Andrew was not protected in Australia because many mothers all are tarred with the 'crazy' stigma when protecting their children from sexual abuse as all mothers are accused by family report writers of having mental illnesses excluding the police reports, child protective services reports, and the children that need protection. Mothers are taught to listen to children and protect them. HOW CAN MOTHERS DO THIS?