Police, You Can't Live With Em, and You Can't Live Without Em

Take a look at this from the Spectrum entitled, Cops knew of threats to woman, family says...Police won't say what they did (emphasis mine):

They say their sister went to police for help.

That she showed officers text messages she believed were from her ex-partner.

Messages she considered threats.

Those messages began when Muruwet Tuncer first left her abusive partner four years ago. They continued ... and then last week, Muruwet's throat was fatally slashed. Her 13-year-old niece, Rumeysa Cosgun, was stabbed in the stomach.
So Muruwet Tuncer did the right thing, right? She left the man who was abusing her. But he kept "in contact" with her by stalking her through technology, via her cellphone. Maybe the police didn't think it was serious enough. But aren't they supposed to err on the side of caution?
The sisters believe Muruwet reached out to police for help. Not just once. But four or five times. That is what Muruwet told them.

"I saw (the text messages) on my sister's cellphone," says Munevver Tuncer. "Lots of times. He'd send them at night. She'd wake up and she was very scared. Her heart was very fast."
What an awful feeling! Psychiatrists probably would have prescribed something for anxiety--which of course, doesn't stop the harasser.
Isiko, says Hrab, was known to police before his arrest last Wednesday for first-degree murder and attempted murder, charges that have not been proved in court.
He was known to police in what capacity? As in, he was a criminal, or one of their homeboys? In many cases, abusers have no previous criminal history before they murder. You read the news and see all those lame comments about how "he" was oh so nice and wonderful.
Muruwet tried to keep herself and her two youngest children safe.

Muruwet was from Turkey, but moved to France. She came to Canada in 2005 to escape a husband who tried to kill her. He fathered her first three children. Two are now grown. A daughter, Gonca, 14, came here with her mother.
So we have mothers going to the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Canada, and probably elsewhere to escape abuse and to protect themselves and their children. This is a sad state of affairs. However, this isn't a recent trend. Women have been on the lamb for years. And because of this failure to protect, I wholeheartedly support the position of Anonymums.
Isiko, who met Muruwet through the Turkish community in France, came to Canada, too. He fathered a son with Muruwet. Devrim, 4, is a beautiful, dark-haired boy who does not yet know his mother is dead.

Alas, there was no peace for Muruwet in Canada. Even after Isiko was convicted of assaulting Muruwet, even after Muruwet went to family court and told Justice Alex Pazaratz that her ex-partner "has a great hatred of me and, I believe, intends to cause me personal harm," Isiko was granted access to his son. Muruwet was ordered by the court to regularly discuss the child's upbringing with her abuser.
I need you all to understand something: this is not a rare occurrence. An abuser will follow your ass like the Grim Reaper. That's why they love move-away laws preventing women from leaving the area so that they can "have access to the kids."

Although Muruwet moved to Canada several years ago, now that I'm thinking about it, it was probably one of the WORST places she could have gone. Canada was the place to go to escape SLAVERY. But nowadays, Father's Supremacy criminals are in Canada, brewing like fine teas.

So this dumb-ass Judge Alex Pazartz gave the abuser permanent access to abuse. This, too, is becoming increasingly common. How the hell do you expect abused women to communicate with their abusers? I don't give a fuck about the excuse many use about putting the child first. We ARE putting the child first, that is exactly why this is happening. Friendly parent? I don't think so. Who would be friendly to someone who is trying to kill them?

Judge Alex Pazaratz, GET OFF THE BENCH!
Even after he was convicted of a violent criminal offence, Isiko -- who has refugee status -- remained in Canada.

Muruwet's sisters say she told an immigration refugee board hearing that she could not return to France because that is where her ex-husband -- the man who tried to kill her -- lived. She appealed to the board to allow her to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds. The board said France is a safe place and denied her appeal. Muruwet was still fighting that decision when she was killed.
Yeah, France, you're guilty, too! You need to be awarded a human rights violation, along with the United States.
Abusive men must be constantly reassessed, Freeman says.

"You can't build 50 million shelters to lock up all the abused women while violent men go free."
Thank you, Freeman, for making sense. We are being terrorized in our own homes, in our own countries.

Peace to you, Muruwet Tuncer. We will keep fighting.

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