Psychology: Where Anything Goes

I used to want to be a psychologist/psychiatrist, or something of the sort. I wanted to understand why people did what they did, do what they do. But of most importance, was the fact that I wanted to understand MYSELF.

I learned that professors of psychology have appeared to be some of the most "strange" people that I have ever met. Believe me, strange was the best word that I can utilize at this point.

Furthermore, those in the field of psychology, outside of academics, in which I am privy to have knowledge of the person in a non-professional capacity, seem to have the most severe familial problems that I've ever seen/heard.

As with any other field, I have come to believe that psychology professionals have an agenda--related to their personal experiences and evidenced by their career selection. And people, as consumers, need to be aware that these agendas may be in direct conflict with their own interests.

How can any one person, or group of persons, purport to know more about you, your situation, your child, any more than you do? I mean, really, think about that.

Psychology, as a pseudoscience, does two things:

1. It classifies behavior based off of what is considered "normal" or what the "majority" is experiencing.
2. It shapes societal behaviors to create a "norm" or "majority," aka social engineering.

"Normal" is based on White, Male, Eurocentric standards. Almost anything outside of this understanding is "abnormal," "deviant," and/or "antisocial."

Psychology has an agenda, and it may be in conflict with your best interests.

Check this piece out from, "Father-Daughter Relationship Crucial To When Girls Enter Puberty, Researchers Say" (emphasis mine):

Girls who enter puberty later generally had fathers who were active participants in care-giving; had fathers who were supportive to the girls' mothers; and had positive relationships with their mothers. But it's the fathers' involvement, rather than the mothers', which seems to be paramount to the age of the girls' development. The researchers believe that girls have evolved to experience early socialization, with their "antennae" tuned to the fathers' role in the family (both in terms of father-daughter and father-mother relationships) and that girls may unconsciously adjust their timing of puberty based on their fathers' behavior.
What kind of sick-sounding shit is that?

Well, here's their explanation:
One biological explanation is that girls whose fathers are not present in the home may be exposed to other adult males - stepfathers or their mothers' boyfriends - and that exposure to pheromones produced by unrelated adult males accelerates female pubertal development. The flip side of that theory is that girls who live with their biological fathers in a positive environment are exposed to his pheromones and are inhibited from puberty, perhaps as a natural incest avoidance mechanism.
So what about where incest does occur? I speculate from their findings that either the girls do not live with their biological fathers in a positive environment...or the biological father's pheromones are weak/dysfunctional, or the girls hormonal functioning is impaired.

I feel a little "incest is natural and not dad's fault" (Farrell, Gardner) conclusion coming forth...

Wow. This is science.

2 advocates for peace:

A Mother's Heart said...

Wow, I LOVE the sick sh*t you really lays it out this guy "covering" for fathers and incest with daughters. What about sexual abuse of sons, their children's friend, neighbor children, etc. All a bunch of psychobable to me. They can make up whatever they want and get away with it, just because they have a Ph.D. Well, Warren Farrell's doctorate is in American Government, guess that makes him an expert in this crap.

Anonymous said...

"Pheromones"???? Psychologists are called "soft" scientists, but they are not scientists and all, and most of their psychiatric counterparts, while called MD's, couldn't treat a truly ill patient if their life depended on it. What a complete and utter load of sh*t!! Thanks for exposing this garbage.