Science, eh?

My favorite Canadian blog stalker left the following comment on this post:

I expect more from you than this kind of illogical statement "The psychologists who do evaluations wrote up laws giving themselves immunity, removed APA standards and assured themselves of lots of unnecessary work." First of all wheres your proof and secondly don't you know what a non-sequitur is by stating they have assured themselves of "unnecessary" work.

You can do better than this even though the gender feminist ranting about PAS is going no where. You are swimming against the tide. Science is starting to overtake feminist ranting and mythology.

Lets at least be logical next time - Oh I forgot your a gender feminist - sorry.

I don't know how he expects more from me being that we have never met and I only know of him to visit my site a handful of times. I expect more from me, too. And everyone'll get more as I continue to do research on the monies that are being passed from the federal government to fund fathers and their parental alienation scams.

What does this Canadian know about Florida laws anyway? Maybe he is one of the bunch who flocks between Florida and Canada to run the scam. However, the statement is as it stands: prominent Florida psychologists and PAS proponents were the ones who wrote up HB 1075. It wasn't that hard to look it up. You just go here, look for the bill sponsors, research the names...and BAM! In yo face.

The "unnecessary work" was referencing the fact that HB 1075 was created to make things "easier" for divorcing couples with children. When, in fact, that is utter bullshit. It created shared parenting (FAIL) and changed the terminology so that fathers would no longer get their feelings hurt in being referred to as "non-custodial." Shared parenting only works when the couples agree to it, NOT when it is forced upon them. This has been said ONE MILLION TIMES! There will be MORE work as couples return to court to modify, and modify again, and violent men have continuous access to their exes and children...more work, that is, for the GALS and psychologist as the court injects more and more profiteering third parties in attempt to shirk responsibility.

"Science is overtaking?" Come on, my Canadian stalker! What part of all of this family court nonsense is SCIENCE? Psychology is not science. PAS is not science. But it is male-dominated and I can believe it will take over like White men and science took over lay professions while experimenting on people of color, women, and the poor. It's called, exploitation. Science also was once mythology. Religion can be considered mythology. I don't understand where you are going with this.

I believe my Canadian stalker gets a boner from coming and commenting on the mothers' blogs...I mean, with all of this attention, why not?

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