Because He Was Mad

Men's groups should be focusing on healthy ways in which men can express their emotions, because it is obvious by the rates of violence, that they cannot. But instead, men's supremacy groups are fighting for custody of their children. Are they even ready to be primary caretakers, or caretakers, period?

Man Shoots Girlfriend In Back At Least 5 Times, Police Say

Police said a man told them he shot his girlfriend in the back because he was mad at her on Sunday.

Dwayne Grant, 29, was charged with first-degree murder.

Family members said Grant shot his girlfriend five or six times in the back at unit 2355 in the Huntington on the Green condominiums.

Randy Bowles said his niece, 28-year-old Rahmisha Oliver, had a 3-month-old child. Bowles said he was only feet away from Oliver when she was shot...

...Neighbors said Oliver was a good mother to her four children, but her relationship with Grant was violent. He has a criminal history including a charge for abusing her when she was pregnant...
Homicide is the number one killer of pregnant women. Additionally, pregnancy is often the time when relationship violence begins.

I was JUST reading a post about concealed weapons [in Florida] that makes stories like this even more grim:
These incidents come on the heels of the Florida Sun-Sentinel series of investigative reports in 2007 finding 10 times as many Florida concealed carry permit-holders with dangerous or criminal records than previously admitted by the state. Ever since Florida first passed concealed carry in 1987, it has been one of the four most violent states in America.
We need an overhaul on male responsibility, coping mechanisms, and behaviors before men become custodians of children...else we end up with more murders like these. How many more women and children can we afford to lose. How many children made motherless by selfish, violent men?

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