Child Custody Evaluators and Their Limited Vocabulary Which Fuels the Parental Alienation Propaganda Machine

Child Custody evaluators hold a lot of power in interpreting situations that will in turn effect the outcome of a family court case. It is like what they say is the word of "God." But apparently, God child custody evaluators have a limited source of vocabulary that they utilize to make the same recommendations: Give custody to the father (mother is a parental alienator).

If you recognize any of the following statements from your own case, it is time to file complaints, and/or get the hell out of dodge:

  • The mother is naive and trying to present herself in an overly favorable light
  • The mother is "overly sensitive to criticism"
  • The mother is "immature and attention seeking"
  • The mother is "unreliable and manipulative"
  • The mother has "low self esteem"
  • The mother's thinking is "impressionistic rather than logical"
  • The mother is "emotionally overreactive"
  • The mother-child relationship is "enmeshed" (<--this one is really popular)
  • The mother's parenting will impair the child's development
  • The mother's "personality style" compromises her parenting
  • The mother sends children messages of fear and anxiety
  • The mother "too readily" believes what her children say
  • The children's allegations of abuse against their fathers and expressed desires to live with their mother are acknowledged, but... other things are more important... or it wasn't "abuse"... etc...
  • Because the mother is "alienating"

You can see these examples in context at the Liz Library

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