Children do better in school when their fathers are involved.

Misrepresentation -- Children do better in school when their fathers are involved.

[Wade Horn's "Father Facts." "A survey of over 20,000 parents found that when fathers are involved in their children's education including attending school meetings and volunteering at school, children were more likely to get A's, enjoy school, and participate in extracurricular activities and less likely to have repeated a grade. Source: Fathers' Involvement in Their Children's Schools. National Center for Education Statistics. Washington DC: GPO, 1997.]

Fact: "[W]hen maternal characteristics and family resources were controlled for, almost all of the impacts of father presence disappeared... almost all of the father's impact on the family is related to economic support." In other words, when fathers are involved, that also correlates most of the time with the presence of mothers who are emotionally and financially supported and highly involved, making the difference.

Crockett, L. J., Eggebeen, D. J., & Hawkins, A. J. (1993). Father's presence and young children's behavioral and cognitive adjustment. Journal of Family Issues, 14 (3), 355-377.

Fact: "All of the protective factors except father involvement predicted behavior problem scores; children's sociability and attentiveness and the quality of the mother-child relationship predicted school readiness. Less harsh discipline [associated with mothers] was related to fewer behavior problems, while increased cognitive stimulation and maternal warmth were associated with increased school readiness."

Zaslow, M. J., Dion, M. R., Morrison, D. R., Weinfeld, N., Ogawa, J., & Tabors, P. (1999). Protective factors in the development of preschool-age children of young mothers receiving welfare. In E. M. Hetherington (Ed.) Coping with divorce, single parenting, and remarriage: A risk and resiliency perspective (pp. 193-219). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum

Fact: Children raised by single fathers were less well behaved in the classroom. Teachers judged youths raised by a single father as less successful at getting along with others and as putting forth less effort in class. "It is well-known that there are a lot of problems associated with children who grow up in single-mother households... [b]ut our results suggest the problems aren't mainly due to the lack of a father... the problems rise more from the absence of a second parent in general, and the fact that single mothers are more likely to be disadvantaged in terms of income and other factors."

Downey, Douglas.(1998). Ohio State research news release SINGLE MOTHERS, FATHERS EQUALLY SUCCESSFUL AT RAISING CHILDREN, (Notwithstanding the unfortunate and misleading headline, this study did not find that single mothers and single fathers were equivalent, but that as a group they were equal to intact homes.)

You can find more fatherhood lies at the Liz Library.

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Anonymous May 7, 2009 9:52:00 AM  

My child's father was abusive, irresponsible and created dysfunctional environment in the home. After he was gone the children's grades and behavior improved dramatically. School reports and the teachers all reflect this. One of the children was granted protection from abuse, the second child was subjected to forced reunification tactics and claims of parental alienation. Shortly after being subjected to forced reunification therapy, the teacher noticed a dramatic change in the child's behavior at school. This deteriorated to the point of self-harm at school. After suffering thru months of court-ordered forced reuinification, the therapy group stopped the forced sessions due to the child's traumitized reactions. It is my understanding that this is not unusual. After the forced visits stopped the child's grades continued to improve, far surpassing the level of work done previously. Making blanket statements that having an involved father improves children's academic proformance is rediculous and misleading. The influence of any good person will positively effect a child, the influence of an abuser will have a negative effect. Biology is not the deciding factor in this.

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