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One who makes a living by dishonest methods.

An upcoming symposium is planned in March of 2009 to train 2000 more psychologists and lawyers to commit this fraud in court. To check out the website google Canadian Symposium on Parental Alienation - don’t want to give free publicity by linking. You can check out the video below to see how seriously this fraudulent theory is being propagandized. It has been appalling how the “Cottage Industry” of family law has culminated in this horrible scam which is really a profiteering fraud that is being pushed as some legitimate legal tactic. Sorry, but Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is not a valid, medically accepted disease. It is the sick philosophy of one man, the Pro-Pedophilia Dr. Richard Gardner. Every person using this hypothetical theory is supporting the fraudulent perverse theories of a pedophile supporter. Everyone who has morals and actually cares about the well-being of children needs to be aware that PAS is a shield for child abusers.

It is very lucrative for lawyers and therapists because the money to be made is in defense of criminals. Victims only cost the state money trying to defend them and protect the public, but defending child abusers - hey - there is real money to be made in that. What is totally disregarded in these cases is that there is a spouse and child/ren who apparently don’t like the way they were treated by the person they don’t want to associate with. Since batterers who abuse their spouse are more than twice as likely to abuse their children, when these so-called professionals claim the child has not been abused, they have NO RIGHT to discount what the child is saying whatsoever. So the whole theory of PAS is based on the person named as the abuser by a child and/or by a protective parent claiming that the people who say they are victims are lying. This is total crap. Why? Because if they weren’t abusive it would just be easier to stay together? This is just one of many reasons this theory is faulty. The reactions of an abused child are claimed to be the result of the protective parent’s actions rather than a reaction to the person they name as the abuser. It is Orwell’s 1984 coming true.

The symposium claims to have the leading authorities on PAS. One of these so-called leading authorities is J. Michael Bone - the UNLICENSED mental health professional from Florida. What happened to his license? He had multiple ethics complaints against him for using this fraudulent and biased theory to perpetrate custody change fraud. These horrible evaluations that children are subjected to are with the sole intent of discrediting whatever the child and custodial parent say. It is similar to what a rape victim has to go through when testifying against there abuser, only these poor children cannot get away from these unethical people. They have infiltrated the courts and have cross referral relationships all over calling it collaborative law. It really should be called corruption, collusion, and cronyism.

Another couple of speakers at the symposium are Pamela Stuart-Mills Hoch, and M.A., Bob Hoch, M.A. of the Rachel Foundation, which is currently the subject of a lawsuit for the following:

The Children were mentally and emotionally abused by Pamela Stuart-Mills Hoch, Robert Hoch and Dr. Jack Ferrell.

The Children were also threatened on more than one occasion. Specifically, the Children were told that they would not be able to leave Texas nor would they be able to see their mother unless they cooperated with the Rachel Foundation’s “reunification” program.

The Rachel Foundation, Pamela Stuart-Mills Hoch, Robert Hoch and Dr. Jack Ferrell applied numerous circumspect methodologies in their evaluation and “treatment” of the Children and have used their influence to purposefully harm Plaintiff, acting outside the scope of any implicit or explicit permission granted Defendants by Plaintiff or any court or other agency.

As a result of Defendants’ misconduct, Plaintiff has suffered considerable emotional distress.

Additionally, The Rachel Foundation employed people of dubious character, with Jack Ferrell who has two arrests, and Dr. Barry Bricklin who was charged by the FTC for fraudulent claims. There are also Ethics complaints against therapists at the Rachel Foundation with the psychology board.

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