Defamation of Character

I am glad that Jennifer Collins is proceeding forward still, trying to get justice for her family. They continue to get attacked by a leader and his cult followers. I get hits to my site daily looking for the Collins'...matter of fact, I think I'm getting blog-stalked.

We domestic violence bloggers and survivors are used to getting verbally attacked (death threats included) when we come forward with our stories, and other's stories. Victim-blaming is king in our society...abuse-exusers...shifting the focus...denial...We get called all sorts of bitches, cunts, feminazi's...almost daily we get flooded with people calling us liars.

News flash: We don't give a fuck!

We have learned from our mistakes, and silence has previously bought us nothing.

Please someone, help them get his ass. Be as brave as we are. Come forward.

From Holly's blog:

Glenn Sacks has a reputation for viciously attacking domestic violence victims. His behavior has become more and more outrageous. We have become the latest target of Glenn Sacks and his followers. Glenn Sacks should be held accountable for his malicious intent to degrade and defame our good name with reckless disregard for the falsity of contents. Mr. Sacks should also be held responsible for his improper tactics and the harassment of private citizens that he has encouraged time and time again. I need to find an attorney to help stop these strangers; Glenn Sacks, and his followers from ruining my career and the personal lives of the members of my family.

Does anyone know a defamation attorney who will help me find justice?

Jennifer Collins
[email protected]
[email protected]

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