Divorce-Related Fetid Father Syndrome

Perhaps this should be given more weight.

What is Divorce-Related Fetid Father Syndrome?

The proposed definition encompasses four major criteria, as follows:

1. A man who unjustifiably punishes his divorcing or divorced wife by:

a. Attempting to remove the children from their closest attachment
b. Involving others in fetid actions against the mother
c. Engaging in excessive litigation

2. The father specifically attempts to "possess" or "access" i.e. control and manipulate what he considers to be his human chattel, i.e. his ex-wife and the children by, among other things,

a. Refusing to maintain a regular and consistent visitation schedule, refusing to regularly make payments of child and spousal support, refusing to continue the marital pattern of primary caregiving, etc.
b. Attempting to purchase the affections of the children
c. Sudden unwarranted and undesired interference with the child(ren)'s school, life, and household routines.

3. The pattern is pervasive and includes fetid acts towards the mother including:

a. Lying to the children
b. Lying to others
c. Violations of law

4. The disorder is not specifically due to another mental disorder, although a separate mental disorder may co-exist. And usually does, albeit it's routinely ignored by therapists and the legal system. It's called Patriarchal Psychosis and Sense of Entitlement.

You can read in detail about this epidemic at the Liz Library.

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