Domestic Violence, Still A Private Crime?

I didn't blog about this story originally because I have been focusing on other things. However, when posted on Behind the Blue Wall it caught my attention.

Massachusetts Federal Judge James M. Peck was accused of slapping his wife, which granted him an assault charge.

Okay, good, finally. Take out the domestic violence crap and call it what it is.

His wife isn't cooperating.

No surprise there. However the charges are being dismissed, partly, because of this. Wait a minute. It's that easy? In some states, I know that the DA takes over the case and the victim doesn't even have a choice in the matter.

The police have never been called to the home before on a "domestic dispute."

What does that really indicate? You know how many damn times I've read that exact statement after there have been murders!? Visit Violence Against Women and Children News Central and see for yourself.

But the real clinger here is the statement made by Judge Beck's attorney
We are gratified that the district attorney recognized that this matter did not belong in the criminal justice system. It’s a personal and private matter and it was appropriately dismissed and sealed.
Welcome to 2009. What a precedence.

You can read the full article here: Assault Charges Against Judge Are Dropped

3 advocates for peace:

Behind The Blue Wall said...

White House Council on Women and Girl's job will be to ensure that the feminist agenda saturates public policy on all levels - but what's needed is a White House Council on Men and Boys:

You'll like this.

Cold North Wind said...

Before I was ever married- people were murdered-their murderers caught and put in jail.

AFTER I got married- I ceased to be seen as a human. My x could murder me- get 2 or 3 years-with visits from our children.

Seem logical to you ?
Judge pops one to his wife- well- they're married- so- ergo: she is not a human. Chattel. We are time warped back to- which century ?

Rj said...

BtBW--I read the article. Good one. At first I was pissed, then I was like, okay, she's kinda right, but I didn't like her spin on it, making it seem like the Womens' council was a waste. Hell, its a miracle! But I truly got pissed about the comments...for which I wrote a post. ARggghhhh

CNW--Women are not people. Anyone who has to represent themselves through special interest group ie women, minorities, gays=non persons!