The Fatherhood Movement

I can get lost reading for hours at the Liz Library. There is so much material that I could spend days there. Liz Kates has to be one of the most intelligent, no bullshit-allowed people on the planet. I am grateful that she has put in so many hours refuting, researching, rectifying the crap/propaganda that is put out by mass media and father's supremacists.

I will continue to post info from her sites because I have found that the stuff that I am thinking, writing, has already been said...even 10 and 20 years ago.

Last night I was reading an e-mail conversation between Liz and Nick of the Father's Manifesto:

Liz says,

You remember what you learned about bullies in the schoolyard: they feel bad about themselves so the only way to make themselves feel better is to try to put someone ELSE down. It's telling that bullies generally are the kids from the poor and screwed-up homes who themselves are put down; they're never the kid in the class who is making A's and who is really "top gun."

Men who have a need to assert themselves special "as men" are men who are on the bottom of the heap OF men, and who are desperate to put women into a place where they can feel, well, but heck so what, I'm still better than you, women, I'm a Ma-an. It's really pathetic.
This brought to mind the fathers' groups/abusers lobby...a bunch of angry men, poor self-esteem because their partners have left them...they are bullies. And so this entire fatherhood movement is possibly based on these bottom-of-the-line who feel bad about themselves so they beat down those who they perceive as even less powerful than them: women and children (and animals!).

The fatherhood movement is about them gathering the courage to reassert their power. Power that they have always had in the patriarchy, but that they are so privileged to that they are blind to it. They need the affirmation that you see in a lot of sales businesses (especially multi-level marketing),
I AM powerful, I AM strong, I AM capable, I AM necessary/important, I AM a father.
And so the fatherhood movement is here, to claim what is theirs, to force...Recognize their language,
War on fathers
If there is a war then that validates their sense of entitlement to use force to stake their claim.
Reponsible fatherhood initiatives
Because you need the government to define for you what a father is and how he should perform...while giving you a break on your child support and encouraging litigation...How responsible!!!

Maybe if the fathers keep saying it enough, it'll make them men.

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