Fathers Pretend About Caretaking Responsibilities in Joint Custody

Joint custody does not result in the father spending more time with the children.
(Primary caregiving often is taken over by substitute mothers, and joint custody frequently devolves over time into arrangements that in effect parrot traditional sole mother custody and visitation -- in addition to the below cite, see compilation of additional research on mother-absence and stepmother parenting. )

-- Frank F. Furstenberg & Andrew J. Cherlin, "Divided Families: What Happens to Children When Parents Fail 33-38 (1991)."

You can read more at the Liz Library.

Geez, I didn't need any research to tell me this one and neither do most mothers. We know that the second wives, girlfriends, and the father's parents (mother) do all the caretaking. That's why joint custody is about money. How many fathers do you really hear saying,

Gee I would like to be more responsible in meeting the kids' needs?

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