Grandma Hands Over Her Grandson

This case is sad, like so many others. Here we have a woman, Nova Henry, who, along with her daughter, was found murdered in February. Nova's son Noah, was found at the scene unharmed. He was taken into custody by Nova's mother, Yolan Henry.

But little Noah is the son of former NBA player Eddy Curry, and apparently, the court decided that Eddy should have custody of his son--a son, that grandma claims, Eddy has shown minimal interest in. In fact, the father stopped child support payments one day after the mother's death.

If the Noah doesn't indeed know his father, this transition will be quite traumatic for the little boy--exactly what the grandmother was trying to prevent. I just don't understand these things. I mean, sure, you put in the sperm, you paid your child support, but if the child knows the mom's family best, why do you, Eddy, need custody?

Is it the money? Is it because you have big money? Is it because you deserve him? Because he belongs to you?

Who's best interest is this? I just don't know...

For a child that has lost his mother and sister and was present for their murders...he needs to be surrounded by what is most familiar to him. Warm him. Love him.

Curry gets custody of son

The grandmother of Eddy Curry's son handed him over to the former Chicago Bulls player's family late Thursday, hours after she disappeared with the child while vowing to defy a court order granting custody to Curry.

Steve Patterson, a spokesman for the Cook County sheriff's office, confirmed that 3-year-old Noah Henry had been transferred to the Curry family at the Daley Center at about 11:30 p.m.

During the transfer, which took place in private, the boy embraced Curry's mother, Gale, said Lisa Newman, a spokeswoman for Yolan Henry, the maternal grandmother who gave up custody.

Moments later, Henry left the Daley Center, her head downcast and eyes hidden behind sunglasses. She declined comment...

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