I Charge the State of Illinois with Criminal Negligence

Women who request restraining orders that are either denied, or not honored/taken seriously by the police/judges, should be able to seek compensation from the state if death results. Period.

And now, two more children are dead, along with their sorry-ass excuse for a father. The mother warned EVERYBODY! But these days, people are too concerned with joint custody, and parental alienation, all under the guise of parental father's rights.

Who will protect the victims?

What is a father's right?...the right to murder?

In this second link, please take notice of the NCMEC photographs. The news has reported that authorities would not issue an Amber Alert the day the mother reported her children missing. More interesting, I have been informed that NCMEC doesn't quite take mothers seriously--that is, mothers who accuse their former husbands/children's fathers of being the perp.


From the article:

(emphasis mine)
"She was contacted by the Leroy police and told that she had to send them, that it was an arrestable offense (if she did not)," Ogar said.

She said she told Leichtenberg that failure to give the boys to their father was a civil matter, not criminal, and advised her not to turn them over if she didn't want to.
We have many moms across the U.S. who are threatened will jail time (or ordered actual jail time) if they do not FORCE their children to go on their unsupervised visits. Punish the mothers for the behavior of the children. Punish the mothers for being rightfully afraid. Punish the mothers for having intuition.

You all have killed the children.


(emphasis mine)

5:14 AM Donna wrote ...
"The system failed. I know of a child that has recently come forward to talk to cac, crimes against children in blmgtn but I guess cac has been on vacation all week. Guess they only have one person that does this. I ask you, does this make sense. A couple years ago I called missing and exploited children and reached an answering machine that said they were on vacation and to call back later. What a Shame"
From the same article reference above:
"He's (Michael Connolly) about punishing me, and he knows the worst thing to do to me is to lose those boys and I don't know what he's capable of," Amy Leitchenberg said on March 10th.
All its EVER about is punishing the mom. Payback. These fathers don't give a shit about their children.

Too bad they stopped Fred Flannigan's show.

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