If Only He Would Have Killed Himself First

I first saw this story yesterday morning when I was called to participate in a noontime silent protest regarding domestic violence (initiated by the PCADV) A man in Ohio had shot and killed his new bride and most of her children. I didn't feel like blogging about it because I am totally overwhelmed with murder-suicides.

But I wake up this morning, and it comes as no surprise, Davon Crawford killed himself right after the police finally located him. What a sorry muthafucker...coward. If ever there were a hell outside of earth, then it would be pleasing if he is now a resident.

I don't give a damn if he had mental problems. I don't give a damn what his reasons were. I don't even give a damn about doing an investigation for what? What do they need to know? Almost everyone is dead. Another murder-suicide will happen next week. People will ask the same dumb-ass questions. No action.

Suspect in 5 Cleveland Killings Shoots Himself

An ex-convict with a history of committing violent crimes shot himself in the head Friday afternoon in Cleveland as the authorities were about to arrest him for killing his new wife and four of her relatives, including three children, the night before.

The man, Davon Crawford, 33, had been the subject of a 20-hour manhunt. He had been released from prison two years ago, and had married on Monday.

“We knew this guy was dangerous from the beginning, that there was a possibility that he could turn the gun on us at any moment,” Drew Deserto, assistant chief deputy federal marshal for northern Ohio, said in an interview. “We were very happy to catch him before he was able to hurt anyone else.”...

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