Joint Custody and Parental Cooperation

Myth -- Joint custody forces parents to learn to cooperate.

Fact: "In a large California study, Maccoby and Mnookin (1992) found that joint custody is sometimes used to resolve custody disputes. They found that joint custody was awarded in about one-third of cases in which mothers and fathers had each sought sole custody. And the more legal conflict that occurred between parents, the more likely joint custody was to be awarded. Three and one-half years after separation, these couples were experiencing considerably more conflict and less co-operative parenting than were couples for whom joint custody was the first choice of each parent."

Amato, Paul R., Contact With Non-custodial Fathers and Children's Wellbeing, "Family Matters", No. 36, Dec, pp. 32-34, Australian Institute of Family Studies, Melbourne, Australia

[liznote: and it wasn't any bed of roses for the parents who freely chose it, either.]

Fact: "Abusive men typically attempt to continue controlling their ex-partners after separation and often use their children as pawns to maintain that power and control."

Jane Vock, Petra Elliot and Valeria Sprionello, "From Child Witnesses to Pawns: Post Separation Tactics of Abusive Ex-Partners," June 1997.

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What's really with the idea of forced shared parenting? Why on earth would anyone believe that two people who couldn't otherwise get along will NOW get along because it is court ordered? Oh yeah, because there are legal consequences! So, all of this "less government, less government!" hype is just that....hype...because the drivel goes to show that father's supremacists want government-regulated families.

I mean, it works for criminals, right? You rape someone, there is a punishment and you go to jail, and/or pay a fine. And then you never rape again ever in life, right?

So let's force shared parenting, if one party cannot agree, let's throw them in jail for contempt until they acquiesce.

But what about the child, you say? How will the child be affected by this nonsense? Good damn question.

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