The Joint Custody Blues

"Most children in court-imposed joint custody do poorly."

-- Gina Kolata, "The Children of Divorce: Joint Custody is Found to Offer Little Benefit," N.Y. Times, Mar. 31, l988 at B13;

"Children in joint custody are more disturbed and depressed than children in sole custody, even when the parents choose joint custody voluntarily."

-- Sheila J. Kuehl, "Against Joint Custody: A Dissent to the General Bullmoose Theory," 27 Fam. & Conciliation Courts Rev. 37 (1987).

joint custody results in higher relitigation rates,

-- See Beverly W. Ferreiro, "Presumption of Joint Custody: A Family Policy Dilemma," 39 Fam. Rel. 420 (1990); and Gerald W. Hardcastle, "Joint Custody: A Family Court Judge's Perspective," 32 Fam. L.Q. 201 (1998); as well as the numerous difficult "moveaway" cases.

-- Brinig, Margaret (2005). Does Parental Autonomy Require Equal Custody at Divorce? The University of Iowa College of Law, University of Iowa Legal Studies Research Paper Number 05-13 April, 2005

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So, the children in joint custody really get a shitty deal...then again, father's groups aren't thinking about the children. This is about the father. I'm sorry you've been fooled into thinking otherwise just because they are flashing cute little pictures and commercials of fathers and daughters/sons. And you thought single mothers were the epitome of all evil? Geez.

And why do people think that if you impose joint custody through the courts (aka forced custody), that parents will get along any better than they did when the marriage ended. Why don't we just force people to stay married? (aka religious right, Bush's marriage initiatives)

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