Know Your Psych's History

Family court sometimes assigns psych professionals. How do they choose these "professionals"? Sometimes, just good ol' cronyism. Other times, litigants select their own psychs, obviously to testify on their behalf.

But wait a minute, how do you select someone who is supposed to be balanced and impartial (see APA Child Custody Guidelines) but at the same time neutral?

When selecting a psych, but more so, when a psych is selected for you, you need to know their history. No, I'm not talking about if he/she has a domestic violence charge (though you may need to know that also), I'm talking about the "professional" history.

Now, don't you dare start to get that second wives' syndrome, where you fail to take into account all of the evidence, good and bad, in support of your man. You really need to do your research. Don't chalk all the reports up to false allegations and vindictive exes. Think.

Here's one in Florida that I found (similar to the Florida Psychologists and the Family Court Scam): Dr. John Michael Bone, a licensed mental health counselor, apparently was brought into a custody case to evaluate the child and assess for parental alienation syndrome--which is strange because they really can't "evaluate" it because they are always going to "find" it (see Parental Alienation Syndrome in Practice). But what happened was Dr. Bone failed to ever see the mother and instead concluded that the child did indeed suffer from parental alienation.

But wait a minute, you could he make that determination if the concept of parental alienation means that one parent is inflicting the damage, and he did not interview that one parent?

Good damn question.

The answer is that he looked at other documents: transcripts, records, etc. Plus, he interviewed everybody else...including the father's girlfriend...but not the child's mother.


But wait a minute you say, what about ethics?

Please read The Goldwater Rule Doesn't Apply in Florida (and many other places).

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