The adult teenager from a parental alienation case in Canada was allowed to refuse treatment at the infamous parental alienation deprogramming center in California (see Parental Alienation Deprogramming is Unethical and Abusive). His two younger brothers were required to attend "treatment" however they, too, refused and so were sent to a psych ward, and then to foster care (because they would not return to the mother, who was awarded sole custody). Now this teen wants custody of his brothers in order to remove them from this entire ordeal.

Check out this great paragraph from theglobeandmail.com, Teen enters brainwashing battle to seek brothers' release from parents
The therapy, ordered in November by Ontario Superior Court Judge Francine Van Melle, was aimed at exorcising poisonous thoughts toward the mother that their controlling father had planted in the boys' minds.
What an excellent description of the ridiculousness of parental alienation deprogramming "therapy." A therapy whose findings are not conclusive and is indeed experimental.
The mother argued in an affidavit that if her eldest son is permitted legal standing in the case, "it will send a message to his brothers that they, too, can attempt to manipulate the court system to avoid orders such as that of Justice Van Melle."
Now why the hell is this a bad thing? Everyone likes to talk about children's rights, without giving the children any rights. However, when a kid is armed with the information to make an appropriate decision in his life, you want to say that he is manipulating the court system? The court system has already been getting manipulated by junk science and abusive parents.

And so the adult teen says,
"Most of the time, I have to convince myself that all of this is real. I think about it as being someone else's life - because it doesn't seem like it could be happening to me."
That is exactly how a lot of victims feel. In fact even though I blog about these issues constantly, I still feel like I'm in the twilight zone because a powerful force, full of propaganda, is painting the picture with a much bigger brush than I have. But this is real. Parental alienation syndrome is not.

I hope Hall of Shame Justice Faye McWatt is paying attention to all of this (see Canada strips kids from Mom).

From TheStar.com, Teen pleads for custody of brothers
The teen claims his parents' ongoing conflict has turned his siblings into "subjects of some social engineering experiment."
This teen is no average Joe (see an "average" Joe on Spin Doctor Joe Claims Kids Are Waiting to be Rescued). He has used critical thinking and figured this all out. This IS a social engineering experiment...eugenics. History has shown that those in power test things out, medically/psychologically, on the poor, women, people of color, and children. Parental alienation and deprogramming is experimentation on children and money for those who fuel the system (see Canadian Symposium on PAS teaching how to do custody change scam).

The boy wants to raise his brothers by suing for support from his parents, and by welfare monies. This situation may not seem ideal, but it may be better than the psychological and emotional torture of parental alienation claims, forced therapies, and warring parents. Let him finally begin to live...

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