Maybe We Should Start With Taking Guns Away from Men...

So 11 people are dead after some man in Alabama went on a rampage, beginning with burning up his own mother. This occurred in between two small towns and now everyone is talking about how shocking this is.

Shocking because of what? Because of it being 11 people? Shocking because it ended in suicide? Shocking because it was a quiet area?

Have people been watching the news? I don't fault them if they haven't because there came a time when I had to ignore the news for a period in my life. I couldn't stand to listen to "the homicide news" any longer as it would pollute my day from the start.

Men have been killing off people every week. Click the banner above this post! There has been a murder-suicide almost weekly, usually involving a man killing his wife, girlfriend, or exes, and children. Bruce Pardo, the Santa Killer, went ahead and murdered the extended family, too. These things aren't uncommon.

Wake up, people!

Get men some counseling. Teach them healthy ways to cope with their emotions. Teach them that no means no and that when it's over it's over. Teach them that they only have control over their own lives and actions.

Will that be enough?

I know "gun rights" activists will be pissed, but take away the damn guns. I mean, what else are we to do? Stay away from men completely? Tiptoe around men, trying no to piss them off lest they annihilate all women, children, and men?

This is my case against a presumption of joint custody.

From the news:

At least 10 dead in two-town Alabama shooting spree

At least 10 people were killed Tuesday in a shooting spree that spanned two small southern Alabama towns, state officials confirmed. The gunman, who turned the gun on himself, and the wife and child of a sheriff's deputy were among those killed.

The shooting started in a neighborhood in Samson, a town of about 3,000 about 15 miles north of the Florida border, just after 4 p.m. (5 p.m. ET) and ended 12 miles away at a manufacturing plant in Geneva, said Alabama state Sen. Harri Anne Smith, who represents Geneva County.

"He was shooting at just ordinary people going about their business," Smith told CNN, saying she had been briefed by state and local law enforcement....

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