Military Victims of Violence

I would like to introduce another Advocate at You know how it pleases me to out people in "power." (like police officers)

But more than that, I believe I began this blog speaking about the military because of my personal experience with them revictimizing me. The military is known for covering up things and sweeping stuff under the rug and I know this first hand. I wonder how many victims get any justice.

Many times, you report a crime and the notice just goes into the enlisted member's file. At worst, the member gets a Letter of Reprimand (LOR). The military protects its own.

I couldn't even get a damn restraining order. I went all the way to top level at one particular base...even the wing commander never responded to me. I faxed, I mailed. I guess I should've just taken it to the news.

Nevertheless, enjoy the site!! And welcome, website owner.

Also, read the book Friendly Fire listed in my recommended books section.

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