Monica's Law is Past Due

With the death of Monica Paul, there is now a petition circulating to enact a law that would benefit those who are forced into contact with their abusers via child "visitation" orders. Courts still refuse to understand the effects of family violence and the protections that women and children need in order to live safely and move forward with their lives.

I find it an added insult that Dr. Richard Gardner, founding pro-pedophilia promoter of parental alienation syndrome (abuse-excuse), was from New Jersey, and thus proponents there that have infiltrated the family court system, are possibly responsible for Monica's death.

Please sign this petition here, text copied below:

1) Women who have official documented evidence of domestic violence i.e. hospital or police reports; have the right to withhold visitation of their child for fear of their life and or the life of their children.

a) While Monica had a court ordered restraining order, Kenneth still had curbside visitation of the children which kept him in constant contact with Ms. Paul. This gave him total access to her personal life; home, work, and the school of the children. Kenneth knew her every move, thus enabling him to murder her where he did.

b) While the children show no evidence of physical abuse from Kenneth; the mental abuse that they have endured throughout their life is undeniable. The actions of Mr. Duckett demonstrate his toxicity not only to Ms. Paul but to his children; he showed no regard for their future, without not only their mother but, also their father.

2) Pursuant to a restraining order visitation rights of the father will only be reinstituted after the father has successfully undergone mandatory psychological evaluation.

a) An evaluation from a psychologist would have most likely revealed Mr. Duckett’s mental state, showing that he was indeed a threat to Ms. Paul.

3) Violating a restraining order will have a punishment of 3-5 years; equivalent to a gun charge.

a) Some people take restraining orders to be a joke. New laws are sorely needed to deter this behavior, making clear the severity of their actions. A stiff penalty as such will force others to seriously think before violating a court ordered judgment.

Also read a little about Monica, and see some beautiful pictures, at monicapaul.org. Enactment of this law would be a great beginning amidst these tragic endings.

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