Mother vs Father Child Abuse

Myth -- Children are more likely to be physically abused by their mothers than by their fathers.

Comment: The above calculation by the National Clearinghouse, which reflect "household" rather than "perpetrator" are overly generous in impression as far as physical abuse perpetrated by mothers and fathers (versus stepparents and third parties.) If the incident counts of physical child abuse reported by child welfare agencies appropriately are adjusted into percentage format -- as they have to be to speak in terms of "likelihoods" by taking into account actual numbers of children cared for by mothers and fathers, actual time spent directly caring for children by mothers and fathers, numbers of incidences per actual numbers of direct caregiver mothers and fathers -- not to mention making adjustment to differentiate "neglect" reports from affirmative "physical abuse" -- you will find that children are at many times more risk of physical abuse in the care of fathers than mothers, and at astronomically more risk for serious physical abuse and sexual abuse.

See here for the statistical analysis. Also see Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters. "Dads Break Bones Of Children More Often Than Moms." ScienceDaily 6 December 2007.

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When father's supremacists get into a debate about domestic violence, they always pull this one,
but women abuse children more
They need to blame us for something, even if it is a lie.

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