Rally to mourn victims of domestic violence


March 26, 2009 09:30pm

MOURNERS will gather at Parliament House this morning to highlight the deaths of women and children from domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Crisis Service executive officer Gilian Cordell said the rally would raise awareness of a problem that was underfunded and often hidden.

"There's been some very public deaths of women recently but there are an awful lot that never get publicised," she said.

On March 4, a woman and her son, 2, were stabbed to death in their Angle Park home. The woman's husband has been charged with their murder.

On Monday last week, a Davoren Park man killed his son, 2, and stabbed his fiancee and 15-day-old baby before killing himself.

Ms Cordell said her service never had enough shelter vacancies to cope with the demand from women seeking refuge.

Last financial year, she housed 261 women in shelters and had to use motel rooms for another 581 women, who were accompanied by 761 children...

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