Reports of Sexual Assaults in US Military Increased in 2008

Well, I think I have just figured out that the military, courtesy of the dear Department of Defense, puts out this report every year. We can't really know if reporting is increasing, or the actual rapes are increasing. But I will tell you one thing that I've said before: The military really doesn't give a shit.

I mean, you have a bunch of power charged, testosterone-filled men, and then ladies still fighting their way through the utmost example of patriarchy. Men are still heavily convinced that women lie about rape. Men still either don't know what rape is, or don't acknowledge rape as rape, as long as she consented to the date (or to the marriage).

How about the military engage in some active Men Can Stop Rape combat education? And how about they actually investigate AND prosecute? Until then, I will not be impressed but rather amused by their annual perfunctory briefings.

Oh yeah, and please tell me what ever happened to that Marine, who murdered that other Marine woman [and her unborn], that fled off to Mexico. He had been accused of rape.

Reports of Sexual Assaults in US Military Increased in 2008

The U.S. military says the number of sexual assaults reported in America's armed forces increased by eight percent in 2008, and more than half of these cases involved rape.

Defense Department officials say more than 2,900 reports of sexual assault across the 1.4 million active military members were recorded in the year ending in September 2008. The annual report is required by Congress and tracks sexual assaults of service members against service members, civilians against service members and vice versa. Incidents reported range from wrongful sexual contact to rape.

Kaye Whitley, Director of the Pentagon's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, says the majority of the victims are women and many feel uneasy about coming forward to report sexual misconduct.

"Given the fear and stigma associated with the crimes, sexual assault remains one of our nation's most underreported crimes in both the military and civilian communities," she said...

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