The Role of the Psychologist in Child Custody

APA Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce Proceedings

II. General Guidelines: Preparing for a Child Custody Evaluation

4. The role of the psychologist is that of a professional expert who strives to maintain an objective, impartial stance.

The role of the psychologist is as a professional expert. The psychologist does not act as a judge, who makes the ultimate decision applying the law to all relevant evidence. Neither does the psychologist act as an advocating attorney, who strives to present his or her client's best possible case. The psychologist, in a balanced, impartial manner, informs and advises the court and the prospective custodians of the child of the relevant psychological factors pertaining to the custody issue. The psychologist should be impartial regardless of whether he or she is retained by the court or by a party to the proceedings. If either the psychologist or the client cannot accept this neutral role, the psychologist should consider withdrawing from the case. If not permitted to withdraw, in such circumstances, the psychologist acknowledges past roles and other factors that could affect impartiality.

So if Dr. Bonerdoodle is an expert in parental alienation and is called to testify, he is only just an expert in parental alienation. But if he isn't acting as judge/attorney, why then is all of his testimony the only testimony considered in the entire case?

How can Dr. Bonerdoodle be balanced and impartial if he is only an expert in parental alienation and especially if he is called to testify for the father (paid for by the father)? Furthermore, how can he be impartial if the judge call on his expertise exclusively (in all of the judge's cases)?

How many psychs voluntarily withdraw from cases from some objective capacity of being able to determine that they are biased? Why would they withdraw if they could make $1.2 million in seven years? How many ethics complaints (made by litigants) are successfully resolved by the system removing the psych? How can they be removed if they have immunity?

And what psychs, of their own volition, come to court and admit their biases up front?

Why are psychologists in the court system?

Oh yeah, keep in mind that these are only guidelines...

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1 advocates for peace:

LetsGetHonest Aug 12, 2010 10:58:00 AM  

Randi-- "S T O p!!" Reading your posts in public can be hazardous to one's dignity. (Good thing I wasn't drinking milk at the time). . . . in re: this oxymoron: "professional psychologist" - I got as far as the hypothetical example, "Dr. Bonerdoodle" and lost it. ....

Coming within range of the peat bog (run, designed, and perpetuated by the psychological mindset that any woman who wants to leave her man (or not invite him to share the home, despite him knocking her up [and no abortion/miscarriage] - SOMEtimes because maybe he was knocking her around - must be mentally ill) can be hazardous to all aspects of life, and is.

For those of us who got trapped, with kids, sarcasm is a kind of saving grace, at least beats, say, substance abuse.

Seriously now -- DON'T stop. You put truth in its proper perspective: naked of jargon, its undergarment full of ethics loopholes, exposing the ridiculous dangling presumption of neutrality that supposedly justifies its authority over women and children..

In I expose (: that the origins of this court system began with judges, attorneys, & mental health professionals
and in IRS tax fraud

Its primary educational/professional organization (as far as I can tell) the AFCC is going to promote Parental Alienation as a renaming of either Stockholm Syndrome, or "I don't want [my kids]to be molested" until there is no more money in it. And as the Child Support System ("OCSE" thru HHS at federal level) is likely here to stay, money can be forcibly extracted from Moms after custody-switch (which is where the psychologists et al. come in -- it's their JOB function to give an appearance of neutrality without actually being held to it, thereby supposedly getting the judges off the hook for any screwups) to make sure, if possible, the children never have a positive view -- or possibly even a physical view -- of their mothers again.

Hence the name "Bonerdoodle" appears appropriate. With apologies to the female psychologists, who are many, it appears that while doodling the reports, some themes (or one parent) are more likely to conjure, er, arousal, in the psychologist than another, which will be reflected in the doodles.

(The Alanna Krause case comes to mind as example of "Conflict of interest" in her case...)

The propositions on which these things are founded are laughable. These posts are a public service -- thanks!

I am working on a name for a new blog which can give the FAQs on the various court players.

Meanwhile, at my existing one (above) , you can google "Is psychology necessary" or just "psychology" and look for the famous experiment where students faked a mental illness, were misdiagnosed and committed, and had a heck of a time getting out (DNR about their medications, either).

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