Shared Parenting Lies

Shared parenting advocates frequently cite to the various writings of Sanford Braver (who spun his own anti-relocation study), and is himself a proponent of father involvement:

Sanford Braver,"Determining the Impact of Joint Custody on Divorcing Families", Study consisted of 378 families; some with unmatched partners, in various custody arrangements.

"...Sharlene Wolchik, Iwrin Sandler and I found in 1985 that children in joint custody had higher feelings of self-worth than children in sole maternal custody."
"Our results showed considerable benefits for joint custody, even when equating predisposing factors. After this adjustment, children in joint custody were found to be significantly better adjusted, and to exhibit less antisocial and implulsive behavior than sole custody families. Fathers also visited more, and were more involved in child care, as well as more satisfied with the divorce settlement. Mothers, however, were significantly less satisfied with the custody arrangements in joint custody families."
The above quote is deliberately misleading to the extent it has been used to imply that Braver was referring to physical custody or increased timeshare. This older study was limited to joint legal custody, and likely reflected the more amicable pre-custody relatioship of the parents, because nothing about the parents' respective legal authority could reasonably on the parent-child relationship. Even so, note that

Mothers were "significantly less satisfied with the custody arrangements."

And this is what Braver actually concluded in his study about joint physical custody, quoted from his book Divorced Dads:

"...there is simply not enough evidence available at present to substantiate routinely imposing joint residential custody ...the limited analyses other researchers have performed don't strongly recommend it be imposed either."

-- page 223 in Divorced Dads

You can read more at the Liz Library.

I am beginning to see a trend: Father's supporters distort research by leaving out the conclusions of that research...oh, and they also tell flat out lies.

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