What is Fathers and Families REAL Agenda?

Your United States tax dollars are hard at work trying to re-create the image of fatherhood...perhaps from the deadbeat dad, to the highly-involved family man aka Superdad.

Notice I said "image."

Shaping images is one thing, but what is the reality?

While fatherhood groups are highly visible and outspoken about their perceived injustice in our society, some real fathers are killing off their families in what is often times, only briefly and locally publicized murders.

Man kills 4 at gathering in Miami, then kills self

Just the other week in Miami also, a "great" music teacher, and [allegedly molesting] father offed most of his family.

New Details In Murder Suicide Of Miami-Dade Family

And then there was the newly wed father in Ohio

Suspect in 5 Slayings Kills Himself

But I am taking a minority of men and unfairly discriminating against a large group of men, you say?

Not exactly.

There are more rapes, murders, and murder-suicides done by fathers than I can keep count of, even though most men may be great. Check out Violence Against Women and Children News Central.

And there is also a minority of men who are suffering in the family court system, although the fathers and families group would have you think that father injustice is at epidemic proportions. Such an epidemic that, your tax dollars are funding it--while no visible Mothers and Families, or comparable organizations exist.

How can this be?

How is it that men (who are often fathers) dominate the political system, and yet at the same time, they are making themselves out to be a special interest group?

Perhaps because special interest groups represent minority populations.

However, it seems to be a conflict of interest here if fathers and families is advocating for a minority of fathers who are getting screwed in the family court system, and yet simultaneously pushing agenda that usurps equality in favor of father-headed (read dominated) policies--policies that further squelch mother-led households.

Will joint custody and eliminating child support solve mens' problems?

I hope that they are advocating for coping mechanisms for angry and depressed men and for healthy outlets in which men can learn to express their emotions....

What are fathers really fighting for?

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