When People Contact Me With the Same Ol Father-Drivel

Some group e-mailed me with an article about why men are important. The article is written by Diane Sears. I'm not sure why they sent it to me. The reading level is about 3rd grade. I looked up the author and she had ties to Florida, and I often write shit about Florida; but the company is in Pennsylvania. Maybe they were mad at the shit I wrote about Pennsylvania (see Pennsylvania, Corruption, and Children, Just Like Florida (minus the Pedophiles)).

Nevertheless, it was a very elementary, insipid article in which I failed to have any epiphany on fatherhood. I can't buy into the hype because fathers are just people. No need to overemphasize qualities that any individual can have.

The words from the piece are in italics, followed by my responses. I actually can't believe I just fucked off 30 minutes of my time.

The World needs Men. Men are the key architects of our bridge to the future. And our children are our future our bridge to the future.

What the hell does that mean? Why don't you just eliminate women then so that there will be men and children? Oh yeah, because you need women to incubate and grow, and then take care of said children.

Yes, Men ARE necessary. Every day in their usual unassuming way, Men offer each of us valuable life lessons.

So do other people, who aren't "men."

Life lessons about honor that ones word should be ones bond. If you say you are going to do something, then you must do what you say you are going to do and then do it no excuse . . . no complaints. Just go about the business of delivering what you have promised.

So, that's what men bring to the table, huh? Diane, you can't be serious.

Men offer life lessons about sacrifice. Quietly and unceremoniously, Men who are Fathers throughout our global village place their own personal dreams on a shelf, and work at back-breaking, spirit-numbing, and for many very dangerous jobs -- so that their children can have access to economic and educational opportunities that they themselves could only dream of. Men will walk through fire for their children, if that is what it takes to keep food on the table for them, a roof over their head, and clothes on their backs.

Okay, now I'm starting to think that this is a joke. So, women don't do the same thing? I mean, I can agree on the "dangerous jobs" part, but the rest is not unique to men. In fact, if men are doing all of these things, who's taking care of the children? Interesting how single moms can handle all of these things on their own.

Many of these Men after completing a grueling day at work, return home and play an active role not only in the positive emotional, intellectual and psychological development of their own children, but also mentor other children and serve as coaches of neighborhood basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and hockey teams.

LMAO. And many men put their feet up all day at work and look at porn on the computer; and then, when they get home, drop their shit, put their feet up again, and download porn to the computer...LOL. I'm not sure which is more common.

Furthermore, some men contribute to the emotional, intellectual, and psychological breakdown of their children because of their abusive tendencies and inability to regulate their emotions.

And when asked by their country to serve in their nations military and defend their country in an armed conflict thousands of miles away from their families, Men quietly and unceremoniously answer the call, not knowing whether they will return to the families they are leaving behind. Sadly, a number of these men never return. These men have made the ultimate sacrifice. They have given their lives in defense of their country.

Okay, Diane, you're acting like the damn draft is taking place. While I agree with some of the aforementioned, the military is presently a voluntary service. How is this ultimate sacrifice any greater than a woman who supports her husband while he gets his education and career in order, while she stays home taking care of the household, delaying any other ambitions that she has? Because there is no possible death involved? War is created by men.

Men are a familys liaison to the world that exists outside of the familys immediate environment. As a result, they offer very valuable life lessons on how one should navigates the world that exists outside of ones environment for example, the worlds of business and politics.

And do you know why that may be? Go back and read what I said above. Anyone who is "free" to get outside of the house would be privy to worldly information and experiences. Maybe we should let more women be "free" so that they can get into these political dominions, and get rid of all this damn violence.

Our sons need Fathers. Men help the young males of our society successfully navigate the journey from childhood to manhood.

Oh here we go....Sons need positive role models. This may or may not be the father. Only a person that has been successful can best help another down the same path. Person, not man.

It takes a man to teach a boy how to be a man.

What is being a man? What is unique to being a man? Oh yeah, Diane, you spent this entire paper trying to describe this...but you failed.

It takes a Man to provide our sons with the positive affirmation that only a Father can give positive affirmation that our sons so desperately seek and need to receive from an adult male.

Actually, I would like to know, if they can't get it from their father, what then? If they can't get it from a man, what next? Expand your horizons because this is very limiting.

It takes a Man to prepare the young males of our society for their future roles as husbands, fathers, and productive members of our global village once they reach the age of maturity.

So, the main goal in a man's life is to become a husband and/or father? I mean, that's the best that can be done? And if men fail in teaching this lesson, then what? Oh yes, you blame the mother!

A young mans relationship with his father determines, to a large degree, how he will raise his own children.

Are you sure about this? Are you really sure? So if he has a bad relationship with his father, what happens? If he has a good relationship, does this mean he'll be a good father? Some mean turn out to be excellent fathers because they had absent fathers? What conclusions can you derive from that?

Our daughters need Fathers.

Oh shit, here we go, again. Why am I not surprised?

Fathers shape our daughters first images of men.

Well, only if the father is around during childhood. But what about other men [who may be around]?

Fathers shape the decisions that our daughters make when choosing a career and choosing a mate.

Only if the daughter respects the father. And this can only be good news IF the father is a positive role model. This also sounds like the same ol about women choosing partners in image of their fathers. That statement is not true. This is also not unique to fathers. People shape their decisions.

Fathers shape our daughters perception of their self-worth and their place in the world. It takes a Man to provide our daughters with the positive affirmation that only a Father can give positive affirmation that our daughters so desperately seek and need to receive from an adult male. A young womans relationship with her father determines, to a large degree, how she will raise her own children.

All of that was complete bullshit.

Men are the glue that holds our families, our communities, and our world together.

That is really some wishful thinking. And if you do believe it to be true, it is because of the power given in this patriarchal system.

My final observations on this entire article:

Why does Diane capitalize the words "men," "man," and "father," similar to references of "God" and "Holy Ghost"?

Why does this author not use possessive punctuation?

Why must a woman assert the position of why men are important?

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