Women Initiate More Divorces

Let me get this shit out right now before I blow my top...if I hear this one more goddamn time....grrrrr! I was just reading comments on an article that was just shared with me (I'll share it with you tomorrow, LOL)...and of course, you know the menz came in full throttle with their whoa is me crap...and of course, they threw in the old

but women initiate more divorces than men

So, for those of you who maybe just can't figure it out:

For decades, hell, maybe centuries, women have had to put up with menz' bullshit (ie violence, infidelity) remaining in marriages that couldn't be severed (short of death). Women had to just take one for the team, the kids, and often times, live of life of misery, or live in a fantasy, in her mind.

Then divorce became more acceptable as the church no longer had the supreme rule (side note--instead it became doctors and medicine) and women found their way "out."

The menz tried the whole "alienation of affection" thing during divorce. Those that killed their wives could go for the "crime of passion" exemption. There were always ways that the menz could try to "get back" at those vindictive, lying whores.

Then came the no fault divorce which the menz insist benefit women the most, however, it is those who are higher in the patriarchal order who benefit from this arrangement.
No fault? Hell, I'm gone bitch and you ain't gettin' shit. Good luck with those kids.
But, oh my goodness, why are all these women getting divorces? Think harder. Think much harder...

As a man, if you could beat your wife, beat your children, curse your family out, fuck around, have second and third families that you visit on the holidays, work late while downloading porn, and then hang out with the fellas, or at the gym, or at the strip clubs, come home to your dinner made, clothes washed, ironed and folded, warm bed and a loving woman to "make love to,"


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3 advocates for peace:

Cold North Wind Mar 20, 2009 12:53:00 AM  

Now , THERE'S a logical,observant,intelligent comment ! Re: more women initiate divorce-

I don't how often I have said: -what I really need is a wife -(meaning-do my ironing,take care of lawn,etc.)

Of course more women inititate divorce. It's like- whoa- get me the heck out of this hellhole- !!!!

Rj Apr 13, 2009 10:44:00 PM  

I don't know why FRs see this point as evidence of their argument. It is evidence AGAINST.

David Nov 19, 2009 3:06:00 AM  

I stumbled onto this site, and i see yet another extreme moronic point of view that all women are good, loyal, sweet spouses, and men are evil. Try spelling the word correctly it is not menz you tyrant. The real truth is that men and women probably share half the blame in the overall incidence of divorce. It was recently published by one of the women's magazines, that surveyed women that could remain anonymous that they actually have more extramarital affairs/partners once they start. I assume your answer to this is because the man was not satisfying her sexually :) You are really quite pathetic. Humans are imperfect whether male or female, cop a clue gurl, i mean girlie.

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