Working Fathers and Children

Myth -- Fathers living with children tend to work fewer hours than other men.

Fact: "Contradicting our expectations... we find that presence of coresident children is not associated with fewer hours worked per week... In fact, it appears that men who are fathers of dependent children, regardless of their living arrangements, averaged more hours per week than fathers of older children and men who were not fathers. The good provider role appears to be most salient for coresident fathers."

Eggebeen, David J. and Chris Knoester, DOES FATHERHOOD MATTER FOR MEN, Presented at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America, Los Angeles, CA, March, 2000.

Fact: Fathers work more outside the home upon the birth of a child, and almost twice as much more upon the birth of a son than upon the birth of a daughter.

Lundberg, Shelly et al., study on attitudes twoard children of different genders, data taken from U.S. Panel Study of Income Dynamics on more than 1,200 men, from 1968 through 1993. The authors found that the birth of a first son generated an average increase in a man's work time of 84 hours every year after the boy's birth but only 31 hours of work after having a daughter. Press release, University of Washington, June 8, 2002.

Fact: New research confirms that the pattern continues in 2006: "Being a father has little effect on men's working patterns, in spite of the fact that they cut back their working hours for a short time after a new child is born, according to Economic and Social Research Council funded research at the University of Bristol. "There is no evidence that 'new,' involved fathers are adopting a 'female model' of parenthood, with part-time work and high levels of child care..."

McDermott, Esther, "The Effect of Fatherhood on Men's Patterns of Employment" Economic and Social Research Council, University of Bristol. (2006).

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Okay, where are all the fathers advocating for parental/paternal leave? Where are the fathers fighting for daycare facilities at work? Please raise your hands.

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